Do it again, the Röyksopp boys and applying the track to their relationship is all I have been thinking about all day.
It’s so damn hot save me I need redemption

I have seen Brad’s dick so many times. I just don’t want to see it anymore.
Jake, in Midnight screenings: Draft day

I’m not old enough to have lived it through, but I keep imagining an early Blur fan, secretly slashing Damon and Graham just a bit, who has her heart utterly shattered by the news of Graham not being on Think Tank. It’s 2003, and she gives it a first listen.

Nothing left of her by the end of Battery In Your Leg. Just a crying mess on the floor as the final soft keys of a piano bring the track, and the album, to a close.

Acceleration, part 10

Vacation time! Chris almost feels locked up when he is forced to spend a few days on holiday with his team. With Alex around constantly, there appears to be no way to avoid their dilemma.

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Trott: Well, you have the physics of the wheels… I guess. How does that work?
Smiffy: How about I get physical with you, Trott?
Ross: What does that meaaaaaan

- Trials Evolution #140

Acceleration, part 8

And here we are again.
So, it’s the nationals soon. Ross is excited, Chris is tense, and Alex doesn’t know what to say to Chris after he probably broke some guy’s nose the night before, to protect him.

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I heard you.

On love and death

A Troffy oneshot

We all witnessed the tragic passing of Eric the ostrich. I had no idea what all the fuss was about, so I watched the episode. While I sympathize with Eric and Trott, I also think that a troll is indispensable in a team like Hat Films. Thank you, Smiffy, for all the joy you bring.

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I wrote this old Damon Albarn/Jamie Hewlett piece in 2011.
More than heavily inspired by Hong Kong. I tried to use all the intensity and love I feel when hearing this song. So it may be over the top… I still wanted to share it despite my shame.
I guess this would be rated NC-17? I’m sorry, but I loved them too much.

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